Watermelon Seed Oil Hydrating and Moisturize Your Skin


Health Benefits Of Watermelon Seed Oil


Watermelon seed are rich in Vitamin B3 or niacin which increases production of ceramides and fatty acids responsible for protection of skin. Study shows that topical use of niacinamide (vitamin B3) provided improvements and prevention of aging facial skin. It reduced fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, red blotchiness and skin sallowness. It made skin more elastic.

Watermelon seed is also high on magnesium which helps prevent skin infections like cold sores and rashes. Zinc is another mineral found in watermelon seeds which plays vital role in cell growth and regeneration. Skin cells are in constant process of generation and regeneration. Zinc helps keep skin cells healthy. Zinc also controls production of oil in skin and thus useful for acne and other skin disorders.

A healthy skin is often correlated with healthy bowels. Ever noticed you suffered from constipation or had bloated stomach and you had acnes on skin. Skin acts as an excretory organ, and excretes harmful toxins from body. In case of bad stomach, skin assists in removal of toxins which often blocks in skin pores and results acne or boils. Dietary fibers in watermelon seed helps bowel movements and thus keeps skin healthy.

Watermelon oil contains essential fatty acids helpful for skin, it eliminates any toxins from skin, helps keep skin fresh and elastic.

Watermelon Seed Oil is obtained from crushing dried watermelon seeds. It is used in hair care products as non greasy high moisturizer. Watermelon seed oil has amazing moisturizing capabilities and forms essential ingredient in baby oils.

Water melon seed oil which has properties of hydrating skins. Traditionally watermelon seeds were chewed and moistened with saliva and rubbed over body skin. It was believed to keep skin smooth and glowing. Most of the skin care formulations today use watermelon seed oil for its benefits to skin.

Watermelon seed oil helps in removal of sebum , dirt and grease that blocks skin pores and make-up. Watermelon seed oil offers clean and healthy skin. You can apply some watermelon seed oil and massage gently, may be once or twice a week for good looking and clean skin. Rough texture of ground watermelon seed along with its astringent properties, makes it good ingredient for a skin scrub.

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