Hydrate Your Skin With Healthy Oils

Hydrate Your Skin With Healthy Oils 3

Don’t let dry skin get you down during your Reboot!

Our skin is our largest organ. Skins’ main function is to act as a barrier, protecting our internal body. Our skin is a unique organ, as we can impact its health from inside and out. It is important to provide our skin the many nutrients it needs to build a strong and healthy barrier, both from the nutrients we eat and products we use.

One of the key factors for a healthful skin barrier is proper hydration.

Healthy skin is hydrated skin!

Dry skin is far more prone to damage than healthy, moisturized skin. That said, choosing the right moisturizer – something natural and lightweight that doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy – is very important.

Here are some excellent all-natural face moisturizers to try:

For those adverse to the idea of putting any kind of oil on their skin, Rosehip Seed Oil is high in natural vitamin A, lightweight, with no odor. Coconut Oil is great for hydrating skin and has anti-bacterial / anti-fungal properties. Argan Oil is high in Vitamin E and fatty acids which protect and rejuvenate skin. Avocado Oil is a vitamin-rich deep moisturizer great for combination skin types.

Follow these great tips and your skin will look fresh and healthy, just the way it should!


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