The Healing Power of Bergamot Essential Oil


Bergamot Oil, the Problem-Solving Essential Oil

Healing Power of Bergamot Essential Oil

Do you struggle with acne or cold sores? Do you have dark spots and other hyperpigmentation? What about eczema or a dull, dry complexion?

The oil from bergamot fruit can help remedy all of these difficult skin conditions. On top of that, it’s enlivening citrus scent is known in aromatherapy to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Healing Power of Bergamot Essential Oil

Treating Acne

Add 2 drops of bergamot essential oil to 4-5 drops of virgin coconut oil and apply 1 drop to the face before or after a shower depending on the level of moisturizing you prefer.

Treating Cold Sores

Apply less than one drop directly to the cold sore as soon as it’s coming on, or dilute with virgin coconut oil and apply several times a day.

Depression Relief

Apply few drops of bergamot essential oil to the palm of the hand, rub your hands together, and cup over the nose and mouth for up to one minute several times a day. Also apply few drops over the abdomen several times a day.

Digestion Relief

Massage 1-2 drops of bergamot oil into the stomach as needed or with each meal.

Treating Eczema

Mix several drops with 1 tsp of  virgin coconut oil and gently massage into the area 1-2x a day or as desired.

PMS Relief

Apply 1-2 drops over the lower abdomen; also follow the suggestion for mental stress above.

Oily Skin Relief

Use 1-2 drops topically once a day as an astringent (test for sensitivity first).

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