Natural Body Slimming Gel


Natural Body Slimming Gel with Immediate Results

The Average Person Can Experience from 1cm to 3cm on Every Application

Money Back Guarantee

No More Replacement Meal
No More Skipping Meals
Immediate Slimming Results
100% Natural Ingredients
Improve The Blood Circulation
Improve The Metabolism
Eliminates The Cellulite

more slimming

1 Bottle More Xlim Gel -150ml

1 Bottle More Xlim Ampules -60ml

Special Promotion : RM128.00 Only 

Immediate Slimming Results from 1cm to 3cm on every application.
No More Replacement Meal, No More Skipping Meals, Immediate Slimming Results. You can test with immediate results on the spot by applying the More Xlim Series on your arms. First, you measure using either your right or left arm before applying.

Gently apply onto your arm and massage for 5 minutes. You will then be able to measure the slimming effect before & after.

FAQ for More Xlim Series :

1. There is no side-effects on your skin even after long term usage of More Xlim Series. Gel ingredients used are made of natural herbal extracts.

2. Your body will definitely slim down after using More Xlim Series. However, your body fats may possibly re-expand due to daily food or water intake. It is recommended to use the More Xlim Series consistently to get effective body shaping results.

3. Results all depends on individual body chemistry & metabolism. If any skin rashes or symptoms persist, please consult a medical practitioner.

4. Measure your waist line and other parts of your body before using More Xlim Series. Measure again after using it for every 7 days. You will be able to get good results.



不需营养代餐,不需饥饿节食. 每次涂抹按摩五分钟,效果能至少从1cm至3cm.您可现场立即印证效果,您可先测量及试用在您的左手臂,然后用产品按摩5分钟后再测量分别效果.



2.瘦身后,身体会作适当调整.每天的饮食都会使身体加码. 您必需保持使用减肥瘦身系列使您想拥有的腰围为止.

4.在使用减肥瘦身系列前量身,每用七天后再量.您会发觉More Xlim Series的超级效果.

More reduce fats


Major Ingredients

Seaweed Extract – Removes the toxin and the dropsy, is advantageous to urinates function.

Algae Extract -Removes the access water and toxin from the body, it created firming and help slimming.

Grapefruit Extract – Improve the blood circulation, strengthens the liver and the kidney platoon and poisonous function.

Black Pepper Extract – Improve the metabolism, eliminates the cellulite and help digests.


海带精华 – 排除毒素及水肿,有利于排尿功能.
海藻精华 – 排毒排水,朔身减肥.
葡萄柚精华 – 促进循环,加强肝脏及肾脏的排毒功能.
黑胡椒精华 – 促进新陈代谢,消除橘皮肤及帮助消化.

More body shaping

Try It, Excellent Results Guaranteed


Size :







Any return must comply with the following conditions:

1. Photo copy of IC or passport.
2. Bank Account number.
3. Goods must be securely packaged so as not to incur any damage upon their return.
4. Goods must be accompanied by a note explaining the reaction you experienced.
5. Guarantee may only be used once per customer.
6. Return within 10 days.
7. All associated shipment costs, including duties, customs , paypal fees and/or brokerage fees,
are non-refundable and are the responsibility of the customer.

We Only Allow 50% Money Back Guarantee

*We strongly believe on our product effectiveness and fair to all customers pay upon usage.
*We don’t provide 100% is avoid those consumers keep on testing and return the products.
*Cost involved such like packaging, label and products shipping .






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